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There are two different types of wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are formed through muscular movements like smiling or frowning. They only appear when our muscles are tensed or when we are doing something that requires movement of facial muscles like speaking. Static Wrinkles are permanent wrinkles that appear even when our face is at ease.

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How is Botox used for facial wrinkles?

Botox is short for botulinum toxin, a neurotoxic protein commonly used to treat muscle spasms. It relaxes the muscles in the face so as to erase wrinkles, giving one a more youthful appearance. This has a smoothening effect on the face as well as a numbing one, preventing the muscles from contacting.
As a person ages, their skin loses its natural ability to produce collagen and elastin, two proteins that are essential for our skin to maintain a taut, healthy look. This can get aggravated by external factors such as diet and exposure to the sun.
  • Remove wrinkles
  • Improve youthful appearance

What you should know about Botox Wrinkles Removal

Numbing cream will be applied to the target areas of your face. A tiny amount of Botox is injected using a thin needle into the muscle, which blocks the nerve impulses that cause muscular contractions. This gives you a more relaxed and natural appearance.

This procedure should take no more than 10-15 minutes. It is often viewed as a lunchtime procedure as it has no downtime and patients can immediately return to work after.

Botox is very safe. Prior to being used for aesthetic treatments, It has been FDA approved to treat other muscular conditions like cerebral palsy. There might be some slight swelling or itching at the target site, but this is temporary and will quickly disappear.

Your doctor will check your medical history prior to the treatment so as to ensure that there won’t be any major contraindications before administering the treatment.

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