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Unlike other fillers in Singapore, Ellansé is a filler which contains collagen stimulation properties and does not use hyaluronic acid as its main component. The main component of Ellansé fillers is Poly-Caprolactone (PCL), a type of long lasting polymer that your body can absorb naturally over time. With the use of collagen, Ellansé fillers restore volume to the skin as well as lifting it and making it look healthier.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Isaac Wong, is an international trainer for Ellansé and has worked with many celebrities in Singapore.

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How does Ellansé work?

Ellansé contains polycaprolactone (PCL), a bioresorbable medical polymer that stimulates neocollagenesis. This process allows your skin to naturally produce collagen over 3-6 months, which fights against and slows down the effects of aging. Unlike traditional hyaluronic acid-based fillers which address signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles by filling up lost volume, Ellansé directly reverses the underlying causes of ageing, resulting in longer lasting results.

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Dr Isaac Wong

Medical Director,
International Ellanse Trainer and Pioneer Member of Ellanse’s First Asia Advisory Board

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Benefits of Ellansé Fillers

The inevitable effects of aging is a loss of collagen and elastin within the dermis. As we age, our skin, fat and muscles in our face slowly degenerate. Sagging skin, wrinkles, eye bags, sunken temples.. These are all signs of aging that can make us look weary and haggard..
Ellansé fillers tackle the underlying causes of ageing and restores your youthful appearance by:
Restoring volume to the face
Reducing the appearance of dark eye circles
Contouring the nose bridge
Enhancing chin and jawline definition
Stimulating collagen growth
Reducing facial aging
Ellansé fillers can accomplish what normal fillers can do, such as
  • Ellansé maintains volume better over time
  • Ellansé has better sculpting properties for the chin, forehead and nose
  • Ellansé fillers encourage bio-stimulation of collagen growth
  • Unlike normal fillers, Ellansé fillers are a lot more long lasting, thus they are more cost effective in the long run

Who should get Ellansé fillers?

You are suitable for Ellansé fillers if you: Want to restore youth to your face Dislike yearly filler injections Have signs of facial ageing but are not keen on a surgical facelift Want rejuvenated, younger looking skin!

Dr Isaac Wong

Medical Director,
International Ellanse Trainer and Pioneer Member of Ellanse’s First Asia Advisory Board

Speak to us now to find out if you’re suitable for Ellanśe fillers.

What you should know about Ellansé Fillers

There are four types of Ellansé fillers: Ellanse S, M, L and E. The differences between the four would be re-absorption rate by the body.

Ellansé fillers work differently from the more traditional hyaluronic acid fillers. When injected into the skin, Ellansé has anti-skin aging properties. Ellansé has a specific gel carrier that it is suspended within, called carboxymethylcellulose (CMC).

Once Ellansé fillers are injected into your body, your body’s tissue naturally reabsorbs the polycaprolactone PCL microspheres. The PCL microspheres trigger collagen growth in the body, making the skin look healthier and more elastic. The greater the amount of fillers injected, the longer the effects will last as the body will take much longer to reabsorb it.

On average, collagen stimulation peaks at 12 weeks to give the final result.


The effects of Ellansé fillers are immediately noticeable. Depending on the type of the Ellansé fillers, the effects can last anywhere from 1 to 4 years. Your doctor will administer local anesthesia before an Ellansé treatment. There is no major downtime and you should be able to resume activities almost immediately.

Ellansé is very safe, and most side effects are limited to injection-related swelling, bruising and soreness. These post-treatment reactions are only temporary and will go away after a few days.

Severe side effects of Ellansé are similar to those of regular injectable fillers — necrosis and blindness. However, these are extremely rare.

As Ellansé is non-dissolvable, any over-filling cannot be removed. It is advisable to start with a conservative amount of Ellansé to find what best works for you. It is also important to engage an experienced doctor in Singapore to inject the Ellansé filler into your body.

As Ellansé fillers differ from normal fillers (such as dermal fillers) in many ways, it is best to discuss with your doctor what works best for you.

The many benefits, including collagen use, would also mean Ellansé is more expensive upfront — but you will enjoy savings in the long run due to its longevity.

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About Our Doctor

Dr Isaac Wong is the founder and medical director of The Artisan Clinic. He holds over 10 years of experience in aesthetic medicine and was trained by some of the most storied aesthetic doctors and surgeons around the world, including Europe, Korea and Taiwan.

His accreditations include:
  • Ellanse Asia Advisory Board Member
  • Winner of Ellanse / Silhouette Soft Combination Therapy Before After Competition in Barcelona 2018
  • Accredited trainer for Dysport, Radiesse, Belotero
  • International Trainer / Speaker for CynoSure Medical Devices, Ellanse, Silhouette Soft, Teoxane, Mint Lift.
  • International Speaker for Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, Aesthetic Multi-Specialty, Euromedicom conferences
Ellansé Asia Advisory Board Members
Ellansé Asia Advisory Board Members
Ellansé Asia Advisory Board Members
Ellansé Asia Advisory Board Members
Combined Treatment Picture Contest Winner - Plastic Signage
World Experts Meeting 2018 - Best Combined Treatment Winner
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