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The Artisan Clinic is the first in Asia and among the first in the world to be selected to offer PicoSure Pro.

PicoSure Pro is the enhanced, upgraded version of PicoSure, which is considered as the worldwide gold standard for pigment removal and skin rejuvenation. It is even better, faster and stronger than PicoSure with lesser downtime.

As a 755nm picosecond laser, PicoSure Pro is the first FDA-approved picosecond laser treatment for conditions like melasma, Hori’s Macules, and Nevus of Ota. It offers skin revitalisation and depigmentation with significantly less pain and downtime than its predecessors.

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Benefits of PicoSure Pro

What is PicoSure Pro?

The PicoSure Pro laser photothermally targets the melanin chromophore, instead of water. This allows for the protection of surrounding tissues in the skin, and further lowers the risk of adverse side effects common with other laser treatments. The skin is therefore stimulated to heal naturally, producing new collagen and elastin almost immediately after treatment.

This FDA-cleared technology also utilises photo acoustic techniques to lighten and disperse unwanted pigment in the skin, and effectively treats a wide range of conditions, such as melasma and Hori’s Macules, in fewer sessions, with less discomfort, and higher efficacy

The PicoSure Pro Difference

PicoSure Pro offers assuring versatility with its three treatment wavelengths, customisable pulse durations, spot sizes, fluency, and repetition rate. And while its flat optic lens can efficiently target pigmented lesions, the Focus lens and new Platinum Focus lens help to improve skin texture and tone, enhancing one’s overall results.
At The Artisan Clinic, our doctors have at least 5 years experience of using the original PicoSure laser by CynoSure. PicoSure Pro is the latest reiteration of the original pico laser – it possesses settings much higher in power, so treatment must be administered by an experienced doctor.
Our treatments are carefully curated by our Medical Director, Dr Isaac Wong. Dr Wong is an international trainer for CynoSure. He was recently selected to launch PicoSure Pro for Australia and at the upcoming AMWC Monaco Conference.

Why Choose PicoSure Pro

FDA approved picosecond laser

PicoSure Pro is the first FDA-cleared device for the treatment of pigmentary conditions like melasma, Hori’s Macules, and Nevus of Ota.

Targets a wide range of skin conditions

PicoSure Pro removes unwanted pigment in varying skin types, lessens wrinkles, fine lines, and freckles, eliminates scars, improves overall skin tone, and texture, and removes tattoos.

Treats skin better and faster

Comparative studies show that PicoSure Pro is more effective than other laser treatments when it comes to treating melasma and other pigmentary conditions.

Zero downtime and reduced risk

PicoSure Pro allows skin to go back to normal within just 24 hours. It also offers a lessened risk of side effects.

Who is PicoSure Pro for?

What you should know about PicoSure Pro

With the Picosure Pro laser, results are both immediate and long-lasting. For example, those struggling with melasma can expect to see a significant decrease in their melanin index just 24 hours after treatment, and to see gradual improvements 3 weeks, 12 weeks, 20 weeks, and even a year after treatment. Clients who desire to rejuvenate their skin can also expect to see long-lasting results up till a year after treatment.
This largely depends on the type and severity of your condition, and your personal skin goals. Here are the expected treatment sessions and intervals for the following conditions:

  • 1 to 14 sessions,
  • 2 to 6-week intervals
Hori’s Macules
  • Up to 6-month intervals
Nevus of Ota
  • 1 to 6 sessions,
  • 4-week to 3-month intervals

See results immediately. Immediately, patients will see results of skin tightening, facelifting, skin glow increase, skin tone fairer and pigments reduced. After 1-2 months, the skin is firmer, tighter, brighter and more lifted.

As an overall painless procedure, PicoSure Pro offers even less discomfort than its predecessors. In some cases, one might experience a slight stinging or itching sensation, especially around thinner areas of the skin.
The PicoSure Pro laser offers more than a 90% rate of satisfaction even 6 months after treatment for melasma. With Nevus of Ota clients, 75% and above achieve greater clearance in 6 treatments or less. Most importantly, studies show that even with just 1 to 2 treatments, there is little to no chance of recurring pigment up to 25 months post-treatment.

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