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TempSure is a non-invasive laser treatment technology that utilizes RF energy (radiofrequency) in order to tighten, smoothen and tone loose or saggy skin around the body. In the Artisan body trinity, we use it to minimize any saggy skin created by fat loss as well as to give areas like the abdomen and buttocks a smooth appearance.

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What are the benefits of TempSure?

TempSure delivers high frequency RF energy to areas of the body that are likely to have loose or saggy skin. Through sending the RF energy deep into the skin tissue, this triggers natural collagen growth which will firm and tighten the problem areas.

Through the use of specific applicators, the doctor will treat target areas using the TempSure handpieces which will lightly glide over problem areas as you are comfortably reclined. TempSure treatments are painless and fuss-free, and you are able to return to your daily activities immediately after.

This entire process can take between 20-40 minutes. TempSure is generally used on the:

Love handles

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